Every new parking facility is different in terms of locale, design and usage, but the J F Finnegan team work alongside designers, owners and operators to determine the requirements of each project.

We will incorporate physical security features to establish and maintain an efficient, robust and safe parking environment.


User Access

We understand the car parking facility must have safe and trouble-free access and egress points for users, whilst also reducing potential offenders’ ease of movement. We take into consideration pedestrian access as well as vehicular movements.


The way in which the interior and exterior of a facility is decorated and lit has a major impact on crime. We understand that avoiding shadows is important in providing safety in parking facilities. The clever use of materials and controls can moderate the amount of lighting required whilst reducing the carbon footprint and long-term management costs of the facility.

Robust Design

It’s important to protect your investment from accidental damage or criminal attacks. We design a car park that withstands the day-to-day uses over time.

Operational requirements

From the outset we believe the building needs to be produced with the operator in mind. We take a strategic approach to the inspection, maintenance and management of the structure and equipment, whilst addressing staff accommodation, customer service and anti-vandalism work.

Car Park Projects

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