We work closely with educational institutions and design teams to create exceptional environments that improve student engagement and increase their desire to learn.

Our priorities are to build working relationships with end users and all stakeholders throughout the delivery process so that we deliver a building that exceeds everyone’s requirements.

Minimal Disruption

We feel that the journey to getting a new building should not be a disruption and considering stakeholders and end users during all decisions is vital to this.


We have a dedicated team that keep the local authority, client project team, governing bodies, staff, students and parents informed of what will be happening when, particularly on a live site when work is carried out alongside daily activities. 

Inspiring Students

Inspiring students in a safe and innovative environment is of the upmost importance in our education projects. By working alongside the client and the various stakeholders we can deliver future-proofed buildings that are pioneering for the next generation.

Integrated Technology

We understand the importance of integrating technology into the fabric of the building. By working with technology from the outset we are able to find the balance of standardisation for easier use and maintenance, and the future need to upgrade, update and add new capacities as technologies evolve.


Good sound quality is integral to learning environments so students can hear clearly, understand and concentrate on activities. At the beginning of a project we consider the design and materials in order to minimise noise disruptions.

Education Projects

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