We pride ourselves on offering a high standard of workmanship whilst also understanding the commercial realities of delivering a viable and usable restoration scheme. 

Working with historic buildings requires significant specialist knowledge and expertise of the relevant legislation, preservation techniques and, often, façade retention, in order to ensure the protection of the original structure while making the best of the building’s potential.

Conservation Principles

Modern conservation requires thorough knowledge of what makes a site or building important, we work collaboratively with owners and authorities to find the right approach.


We know that the best way to save a building is to find a new use for it; we help clients give a building new life. We understand conservation principles and work with all parties to find a reasonable and flexible approach to restoration.


Supply Chain

Materials and construction techniques used in the past are so different from those used today, the conservation and repair of a building needs to be handled by specialists. We work with experts that are experienced and specialist subcontractors, consultants and tradesmen for our heritage building work.

Modern Requirements

In addition to carefully preserving a building we aim to improve energy efficiency without harming the building’s historical interests. We look to balance this with modern requirements and exceed industry standards.

Restoration Projects

Other Sectors